How to catch fish in Ontario

International anglers come to Ontario to catch walleye. Anglers can catch walleye in a variety of lakes and rivers across the province. With the proper techniques and knowledge of walleye habits and habitat, anglers in Ontario can catch them.

When fishing in Ontario, it is critical to understand walleye habits and the environment. Walleye feed in moderate currents near undersea structures, rock piles, and drop-offs, particularly at dawn and dusk. Knowing these habits can assist anglers in locating walleye hotspots. Jigging works well for walleye in Ontario. Jigs that look like live baitfish are used for this. To catch walleye, cast and let the jig sink. Reel in the line slowly, lifting and dropping the jig. Walleye are unable to resist these baitfish-like movements.

Another popular walleye bait is live minnows or nightcrawlers. Use a light wire hook and a small amount of split shot to keep live bait at the proper depth. Bobbers may also scare away fish. Trolling can be used to catch walleye in Ontario. A boat slowly pulls a lure or bait behind it to find fish. Crankbaits and worm harnesses mimic the preferred prey of walleye, so use them when trolling. Adjust your trolling speed to match the current and depth of the water.

Walleye fishermen in Ontario have a variety of bait and lure options. Popular lures include jigs, soft plastic lures, and minnows or nightcrawlers. Trolling walleye with crankbaits and spinnerbaits is also effective. It is critical to understand each area’s regulations, bait, and technique.

Before you go, make sure you have the proper Ontario walleye fishing licence. In Ontario, fishing licences must be purchased online or in person.

It’s critical to understand each area’s walleye hotspots in Ontario’s vast waterways. Walleye prefer moderate current as well as underwater structures such as rock piles and drop-offs. Anglers can catch large fish by targeting these locations and using the proper bait and technique.