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The best spots to fish for perch on Lake Simcoe

Ah, Lake Simcoe, a true angler’s paradise nestled in the heart of southern Ontario, where the elusive perch, both the white and the yellow variety, awaits the skilled and patient fisherman. If it’s perch you seek, dear adventurer, read on and discover the best spots to cast your line in this bountiful freshwater haven.

Cook’s Bay: A popular destination for perch enthusiasts, Cook’s Bay, located on the lake’s southern shore, offers productive fishing grounds, particularly during the winter ice fishing season. Drop your lines near the weed beds and prepare for a delightful dance with these feisty fish.

Keswick: Venture to the eastern shoreline of Cook’s Bay, and you’ll find the charming town of Keswick. The waters near the public docks and boat launches, with their submerged vegetation and abundant food sources, prove to be a magnet for perch.

Beaverton: On the lake’s eastern shore, the town of Beaverton beckons anglers with its alluring fishing opportunities. Here, the underwater structure and gentle drop-offs create the perfect environment for perch to congregate.

Sibbald Point: Make your way to Sibbald Point Provincial Park on the southeast corner of Lake Simcoe, where the sandy-bottomed shoreline and plentiful weed cover provide a veritable playground for perch.

Snake Island: Set your course for Snake Island, situated in the north-central portion of Lake Simcoe. The island’s underwater shoals and rocky structures offer a splendid habitat for perch to flourish.

When seeking out perch in these captivating locales, remember to employ your most enticing bait and tackle. Small jigs tipped with live minnows or soft plastics often prove irresistible to these spirited fish. And don’t forget that the season plays a role in their behavior: winter ice fishing often yields impressive catches, while spring and fall present opportunities for shoreline angling.

So, dear angler, grab your gear and embark on a journey to Lake Simcoe, where the waters teem with the promise of perch just waiting to be discovered. Good luck, and tight lines!