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Where to Fish on Callander Bay

Callander Bay is a bay approximately 3 miles wide by 4 miles long.

It is well protected by a group of islands on the west end of the bay. The rest of Lake Nipissing is over 40 miles long. You are able to get out fishing in any weather by fishing around these islands.

Callander Bay has a major spawning ground on the east end of it at Wassi Falls. Fish migrate in early fall for the prespawn. In the spring, the fish are still in the bay after spawning which makes excellent fishing. I will first explain the different hot spots for walleye (pickerel) and the methods used to catch them.

Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing in Callander Bay consist of many tactics. The “Nipissing jig” is the most commonly used piece of tackle. The jig has a small trailer hook tied on to the jig hook. Chartreuse, black, blue, pink and white are the best colors.

These jigs are either tipped with a worm or minnow. We generally drift with them. Put enough line out so that the jig hits the bottom, then let out another 15 feet. When the pickerel hits it, just let them take the bait for about 10 seconds before setting the hook.

Another technique is the “lindy rig”. It consist of a three way swivel, 3/4 ounce weight and a worm harness. You tip the worm harness with a worm. To use this effectively, you let out enough line till it hits the bottom. Don’t cast the line out, just drop it beside the boat. Then let out an extra 30 to 40 feet of line. You can drift if there is sufficient wind to keep the spinner turning, or troll as slow as possible either with an electric motor or your gas motor.

Some fisherman use a worm harness tipped with a worm, and put a split shot on the line above the harness. This is good for fishing weed edges. You either drift or troll slowly.

In the spring or fall is generally when minnows are used. I find the best technique is to put the minnow on a jig (preferably chartreuse or pink) and cast it out. Let it hit bottom, then retrieve it real slow. If the fish picks it up, don’t set the hook right away. Let the fish take it for about 10 seconds, and then pull.

Also you can use minnows by using a small split shot on a hook, and fish off the bottom about a foot.

Ninety five percent of pickerel are caught in Callander Bay in 25 feet of water or less. In the early spring and fall, the fish are in shallower water (18 feet or less).

Pike Fishing

Callander Bay has weed lines around the shores and islands. Trolling or casting along these weed edges are very effective. Or if you find weed beds that are 3 to 4 feet below the surface, troll over these. Most fish are caught while fishing between 4 and 12 feet of water. Generally we use a selection of bright spoons. Fluorescent ones seems to work the best as well as large mepps with spinners.

Bass Fishing

Lake Nipissing is well know for its excellent Bass fishing. There are both large and small mouth bass in Callander Bay. Try fishing the rocky shores off the islands and the edge of the weed lines along the shore. Spinner baits work here. Wassi Falls is a favorite spot for fishing bass with a hook and split shot tipped with a worm. Toss your line into the fast water and wait for them to pick it up. Set the hook when you fell the line tighten, then reel in your fish. Plastic worms are a popular bait , as well as crank bait.

Callander Bay Fishing Map

Callander Bay Fishing Map

Callander Bay Fishing Map

Article use by permission – Mike Batsford